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2010 Press Releases

12-20-10Kurt Lindstrom Named Civilian Space Business Area Executive at APL

12-17-10APL Instrument on NASA Spacecraft Provides Travel Tips for Mars Rover

12-16-10APL Director Emeritus Roca Inducted as Member of Pan American Academy of Engineering

12-15-10Hot Plasma Explosions Inflate Saturn’s Magnetic Field

12-14-10Nearing Interstellar Space, NASA Probe Sees Solar Wind Decline

12-13-10Mystery on Saturn’s Satellite: Icy Debris Formed Iapetus’ Ridge?

12-13-10Applied Physics Laboratory’s Jack Roberts Named American Society of Mechanical Engineers Fellow

11-03-10Luman Named Assistant Director for Strategy at APL

11-03-10Krill Named Assistant Director for Science and Technology at APL

11-01-10APL-Led Atmospheric Mission Extended for Fourth Time

10-31-10APL Mars Instrument Helps Find Signs of a Wet and Cozy Martian Past

10-20-10To the Moon!: Maryland Students to Become Lunar Explorers on October 22

10-04-10Using Hubble, APL Scientists Observe Comet 103P/Hartley 2 in Preparation for DIXI Flyby

09-03-10Target NEO: APL Team Shapes Robotic ‘Precursor’ Mission for Human Exploration of an Asteroid

08-18-10APL-Led Team Demonstrates Space Weather Observation System

07-22-10Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory Breaks Ground for Spacecraft Integration Facility

07-15-10MESSENGER Reveals New Information about Mercury’s Exosphere, Volcanism, and Magnetic Substorms

07-14-10Hopkins Applied Physics Lab Awarded DARPA Funding to Test Thought-Controlled Prosthetic Limb

06-24-10New Clues Suggest Wet Era on Early Mars Was Global

06-09-10Semmel Named Next Director of the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory

05-26-10Scientists Create First Global Geological Map of Solar System’s Largest Moon

05-21-10JHU Physicians, Engineers Apply Systems Engineering to Improve Infusion Pump Safety

04-30-10APL Scientist Detects Ice on an Asteroid

04-08-10Johns Hopkins APL Names Invention of the Year

03-29-10Gary Sullins, APL Aerospace Engineer, Receives Missile Defense Agency Technology Achievement Award

03-09-10Secretary of the Navy to Headline Climate, Energy Conference

02-16-10Sommerer to Head Space Department at Johns Hopkins APL

02-11-10Layers Piled in Martian Crater Record a History of Changes

02-02-10Suspected Asteroid Collision Leaves Odd X-Pattern of Trailing Debris

01-28-10Johns Hopkins APL’s LaPlante Named to Defense Science Board

01-21-10APL Receives $24.7 Million to Build Prototype Cyber Range

01-11-10APL Scientist Readies for Spaceflight Training