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2009 Press Releases

12-18-09MESSENGER Probe Earns Praise from Popular Press

12-10-09Johns Hopkins APL Licenses Patents for Innovative Solar Power Source to Genesis Electronics

11-03-09MESSENGER Spacecraft Reveals More Hidden Territory on Mercury

10-15-09Cassini Helps Redraw Shape of Solar System

10-09-09APL Satellite Facility Tracks NASA Lunar Impact Mission

10-08-09APL Licenses 3-D Scanning Technology

08-21-09APL Develops Virtual Learning Software for Baltimore County Public Schools

08-12-09JHU Applied Physics Lab Breaks Ground on Building for Space Department

07-31-09Missile Defense Weapon System Tests Showcase APL Expertise

07-08-09APL Part of International Team Expanding Space Weather Radar Network

05-26-09Astronauts Jones and Arnold, Sen. Mikulski to Join Celebration of ‘Maryland’s Place in Space’ on June 1

05-13-09Medical, Micromechanical Breakthroughs Share Invention of Year Award

04-22-09JHU Applied Physics Lab Employees Volunteer for Honor Flight

04-16-09APL Earns AS9100 Certification for Space Activities

04-14-09Capturing a Solar Storm in 3-D

03-24-09APL Device Prevents Electrical ‘Backfeeding’

02-26-09Cassini Maps Global Pattern of Titan’s Dunes

02-03-09Johns Hopkins APL Analyst Explores America’s Struggle in the 9/11 War, Proposes a Way Ahead for Future U.S. Response

01-29-09Cassini Finds Hydrocarbon Rains May Fill Lakes on Saturn’s Moon Titan

01-27-09APL Selected to Help Engineer National Cyber Range

01-21-09APL to Investigate the Lunar Poles

01-15-09APL-developed Aerial Technology Receives Homeland Security Secretary’s Team Excellence Award

01-08-09NASA to Study the Radiation Belts: Hopkins Applied Physics Lab Developing Twin Spacecraft