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A Look Back at 2022’s Most Pivotal Moments of Space Exploration (Fox Weather, December 30, 2022)

Eight Times Science Exceeded Expectations in 2022 (The New Yorker, December 28, 2022)

Through an Exchange Initiative, Women Are #HiddenNoMore in STEM (U.S. Department of State, December 27, 2022)

Rotors for Mission to Titan Tested at Langley’s Transonic Dynamics Tunnel (SpaceRef, December 26, 2022)

How Scientists Might Find Life on a Moon of Saturn While Skipping the Hardest Part (Mashable, December 26, 2022)

A New Plan for Finding Alien Life on Enceladus Looks at Using Orbital Spacecraft (The Debrief, December 23, 2022)

Why a Book-Loving Fungus Has Alien-Hunting Scientists Excited (Inverse, December 22, 2022)

Probe Could Find Whether Saturn’s Moon Hosts Life (Futurity, December 22, 2022)

Why Do Airlines Limit Battery Sizes? (How-To Geek, December 22, 2022)

NASA’s Pluto Spacecraft Begins New Mission at the Solar System’s Edge (Scientific American, December 21, 2022)

What Kind of an Impact Did DART Have on Dimorphos? The Science Results Are Here (Universe Today, December 21, 2022)

What It Would Take to Discover Life on Saturn’s Icy Moon Enceladus (Phys.org, December 21, 2022)

NASA’s DART Might’ve Ejected Over 2 Million Pounds of Rock Into Space (CNET, December 20, 2022)

NASA’s Asteroid-Slamming Spacecraft Dislodged 2 Million Lb of Debris (New Atlas, December 19, 2022)

APL to Build Instrument for Canadian Lunar Rover (Business Monthly, December 19, 2022)

Quasars, Exoplanets and the Atmospheres of Distant Worlds: More on the First Results From the JWST (Physics World, December 17, 2022)

1,000 Tons of Space Debris Was Unleashed When NASA Spacecraft Slammed Into Asteroid (Miami Herald, December 16, 2022)

How JWST Revolutionized Astronomy in 2022 (Nature, December 16, 2022)

NASA’s DART Asteroid Smash Flung 2 Million Pounds of Rock Into Space (Space.com, December 16, 2022)

DART: Asteroid Deflection Experiment Boosted by Debris (BBC News, December 16, 2022)

‘Rail Cars’ of Material Released After NASA Spacecraft Hit Asteroid (CNN, December 15, 2022)

How to Deflect an Asteroid: DART’s Andrew Cheng on the Physics World Breakthrough of the Year (Physics World, December 15, 2022)

Nuclear Fusion Breakthrough: What Does It Mean for Space Exploration? (Space.com, December 15, 2022)

Deflection of a Near-Earth Asteroid by DART Is the Physics World 2022 Breakthrough of the Year (Physics World, December 14, 2022)

Space Helicopters Will Help Us Explore Mars and Other Worlds. Here’s How. (Space.com, December 14, 2022)

Howard County Students Celebrate the Season...of Coding (Howard County Times, December 14, 2022)

Tonga Volcano Eruption Continues to Astonish (BBC News, December 13, 2022)

Scientists Say Tonga Eruption Hit with the Force of a Billion Ton “Magma Hammer” (Interesting Engineering, December 13, 2022)

Nature’s Top Science Graphics From 2022 (Nature, December 12, 2022)

Tonga Volcano Eruption Blasted Millions of Tons of Water Into Space (The Washington Post, December 12, 2022)

Outer Space News That Broke the Internet in 2022 (Mashable, December 10, 2022)

2022 Aviation Week Photo Contest Winning Photos (Aviation Week, December 9, 2022)

10 Scenarios That Could End the World—Should You Worry? (Think Podcast, December 5, 2022)

Drone Strikes Show Putin His Homeland Isn’t Safe (Bloomberg Opinion, December 5, 2022)

Course Examines Sexual and Gender Identity in STEM (The Hub, December 1, 2022)

Elizabeth (Zibi) Turtle, NASA Dragonfly Principal Investigator, Talks About the Mission to Titan (Kosmo Magazine, December 1, 2022)

The 100 Greatest Innovations of 2022 (Popular Science, November 30, 2022)

See What Vehicle Emission Levels Look Like in 500 Cities Across the World (CTV News, November 27, 2022)

Filtering & Destroying ‘Forever Chemicals’: JHU Team Hopes to Ensure Clean Drinking Water (Fox 45 News, November 22, 2022)

Fact Check: Launch Sites on the Earth and Moon Require Different Materials (USA Today, November 21, 2022)

Fresh, Healthy Food — at the Convenience Store? (Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, November 18, 2022)

Want to Learn About Something in Space? Crash Into It. (Popular Science, November 17, 2022)

Lift Off! Artemis Moon Rocket Launch Kicks Off New Era of Human Exploration (Nature, November 16, 2022)

Johns Hopkins APL Unveils Cislunar Security National Technical Vision (ExecutiveGov, November 15, 2022)

The BEYA STEM Recognition Program Releases Its 2023 Award Winners List (U.S. Black Engineer, November 15, 2022)

RIT Engineering Alumnus Is Part of DART Team That Changed the Speed and Path of an Asteroid (Rochester Institute of Technology, November 15, 2022)

Team Uses AI and Satellite Images to Release First-Ever Global Estimates for Road Transportation Greenhouse Emissions (Phys.org, November 10, 2022)

Asteroids! Solar Storms! Nukes! Climate Calamity! Killer Robots! (The Washington Post, November 7, 2022)

APL Uses Video Games to Train AI (Business Monthly, November 7, 2022)

In NASA Simulation, Humankind Dismally Failed to Save Earth From Killer Asteroid (Futurism, November 7, 2022)

Behind the Cover: November 2022 (Physics Today, November 4, 2022)

NASA Asteroid Threat Practice Drill Shows We’re Not Ready (Scientific American, November 4, 2022)

Immarsat Government Picks Rocket Lab for L-Band Radio Development; Peter Beck Quoted (ExecutiveBiz, November 4, 2022)

Crozet Scientist Contributes to Successful DART Mission (The Crozet Gazette, November 4, 2022)

Photos Show “Planet Killer” Asteroid Lurking in Inner Solar System That Could One Day Hit Earth, Scientists Warn (Yahoo, November 3, 2022)

Towards a ‘Digital Emblem’? Five Questions on Law, Tech, and Policy (ICRC Humanitarian Law & Policy, November 3, 2022)

Digital Red Cross Launched to Protect Crucial Data in the Online Battlefield (Tech Monitor, November 3, 2022)

Howard County Adopts Heightened Climate Goals (Citybiz, November 2, 2022)

These Five Innovative Rovers Will Soon Explore the Moon (Smithsonian Magazine, November 2, 2022)

Building a Joint Fires Network (AFCEA Signal, November 2, 2022)

‘Planet Killer’ Asteroids Close to Earth Discovered Hiding in Sun’s Glare, Study Finds (Fox Weather, November 1, 2022)

A Journey to Touch the Sun (Physics Today, November 2022)

Wild Experiments Are Trying to Bounce Radio Signals Off the Moon and Jupiter (Gizmodo, October 31, 2022)

NASA Has a Life-Detecting Instrument Ready to Fly to Europa or Enceladus (Space.com, October 31, 2022)

The 10 Most “OMG” Science Discoveries of 2022 (Best Life, October 30, 2022)

Venus-Bound NASA Instrument Preparing to Brave the Harsh Atmosphere (Space.com, October 28, 2022)

Johns Hopkins Just Clinched a Partnership with Space Force to Educate Military Personnel (Technical.ly, October 27, 2022)

Johns Hopkins to Help Train Future Space Force Leaders; Katharine Kelley Quoted (ExecutiveGov, October 27, 2022)

Images: NASA’s Lucy Spacecraft Provides New Views of the Moon (Phys.org, October 27, 2022)

Eerie Smiley Face Spotted on Surface of Sun After Solar Eclipse (Newsweek, October 26, 2022)

The Hunt for Habitable Ocean Worlds Beyond Our Solar System (New Scientist, October 24, 2022)

NASA’s DART Asteroid Crash: What Scientists Have Learned About Dimorphos So Far (Space.com, October 24, 2022)

How NASA Is Building an Instrument to Withstand the Brutal Conditions of Venus (Digital Trends, October 22, 2022)

A New Instrument Will Measure Temperature, Pressure and Wind on Venus (Phys.org, October 20, 2022)

Homewood-Flossmoor Alum Part of Team That Altered Orbit of Asteroid (CBS News Chicago, October 18, 2022)

How the James Webb Space Telescope Will Power the Search for Aliens (Inverse, October 15, 2022)

Readout of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy’s Meeting with NASA and DART Mission Team on Results of First-Ever Planetary Defense Test (The White House, October 14, 2022)

This Week in Space: DART’s Bullseye (This Week in Space, October 14, 2022)

How DART Scientists Know the Experiment to Shove an Asteroid Actually Worked (Gizmodo, October 14, 2022)

NASA Tried to Knock an Asteroid Off Course — and Succeeded Wildly Beyond Expectations (Time, October 12, 2022)

NASA’s DART Spacecraft ‘Changed Path of Asteroid’ (BBC News, October 12, 2022)

DART’s Smashing Success Shows Humanity Can Divert Asteroids (Scientific American, October 12, 2022)

NASA Officials Say Its Asteroid Defense Test Was a Success (NPR, October 12, 2022)

See the Debris Streaming From Spacecraft-Damaged Asteroid — 7 Million Miles From Earth (Inverse, October 12, 2022)

Success! Stunning NASA DART Imagery Confirms Target Asteroid Orbit Changed (SciTechDaily, October 12, 2022)

Success! NASA’s DART Redirects Asteroid in ‘Watershed Moment for Humanity’ (CNET, October 12, 2022)

Here’s How NASA Moved a Stadium-Sized Asteroid (Thrillist, October 12, 2022)

Spacecraft Succeeds in Knocking Asteroid From Its Orbit, NASA Says: ‘Defender of the Planet’ (People, October 12, 2022)

NASA’s Asteroid Redirection Test Successfully Alters Path (Fox Weather, October 12, 2022)

NASA Spacecraft Accomplishes Mission and Smashes Asteroid Into New Orbit (The New York Times, October 11, 2022)

NASA Reports Smashing Success with Asteroid Redirection Test (The Washington Post, October 11, 2022)

The DART Mission Successfully Changed the Motion of an Asteroid (CNN, October 11, 2022)

NASA Confirms DART Probe’s Crash Into an Asteroid Successfully Changed Its Course (CBS News, October 11, 2022)

NASA Says Its Asteroid Defense Test Was a Success (NPR, October 11, 2022)

WATCH: NASA Says DART Spacecraft Successfully Redirected Asteroid (PBS News Hour, October 11, 2022)

Why NASA’s High-Stakes Maneuver to Redirect an Asteroid Surprised Its Own Scientists (National Geographic, October 11, 2022)

DART Mission Success Means NASA Really Could Save Earth From Asteroids (ZDNet, October 11, 2022)

NASA’s DART Impact Changed Asteroid’s Orbit Forever in Planetary Defense Test (Space.com, October 11, 2022)

It Worked! NASA Successfully Moved a Stadium-Sized Asteroid. (Mashable, October 11, 2022)

NASA’s DART Spacecraft Successfully Moved an Asteroid (Gizmodo, October 11, 2022)

NASA Successfully Deflected Harmless Asteroid in Test for Doomsday Scenario (Forbes, October 11, 2022)

Smashing Success: Humanity Has Diverted an Asteroid for the First Time (Nature, October 11, 2022)

NASA’s DART Mission Moved an Asteroid’s Orbit by Smashing Into It (New Scientist, October 11, 2022)

Bam! NASA Says DART Really Clocked That Asteroid (Wired, October 11, 2022)

NASA Says Asteroid Mission Was Successful, Altered Orbit by 32 Minutes (The Hill, October 11, 2022)

Smashing Success: NASA Asteroid Strike Results in Big Nudge (AP News, October 11, 2022)

NASA’s DART Moved an Asteroid (KNXAM: On Demand, October 11, 2022)

NASA’s DART Spacecraft Successfully Alters Asteroid’s Orbit (The Hub, October 11, 2022)

Exploring the Rippling Dunes of Our Solar System (Astronomy, October 11, 2022)

James Webb Telescope Could Find Aliens in the Glare of White Dwarf Suns, Scientists Say (Yahoo, October 11, 2022)

Leading for Impact (Quetico Coaching, October 10, 2022)

How NASA Launched Its Asteroid Killer (The New Yorker, October 6, 2022)

How Did NASA Hit the Asteroid? (Event Horizon, October 6, 2022)

After Being Smashed Into by a NASA Spacecraft, Dimorphos Asteroid Grows a Tail (ZDNet, October 4, 2022)

Sun Unleashes Series of Huge Solar Flares Sending Storms Racing at Earth (Newsweek, October 3, 2022)

The NASA DART Mission Smashed a Spacecraft Into an Asteroid. Now What? (ZDNet, October 3, 2022)

Bullseye! How DART Hit an Asteroid 7 Million Miles Away (CBS News, October 2, 2022)

DART Project Results (The Roy Green Show, October 2, 2022)

NASA’s Surprising Reason for Crashing Into an Asteroid’s Moon (Mashable, October 1, 2022)

Designing Dragonfly, NASA’s Titan Explorer (Aerospace America, October 2022)

The DART Asteroid Impact Mission: It’s a Cosmic Smash (Science Friday, September 30, 2022)

Fresh Images Reveal Fireworks From DART’s Asteroid Impact (Scientific American, September 30, 2022)

DART: NASA’s First Asteroid Defense Mission Isn’t Over — One Critical Step Remains (Inverse, September 29, 2022)

Space Telescopes Capture Asteroid Slam with Striking Clarity (AP News, September 29, 2022)

NASA’s Asteroid Crash Captured in Dramatic Before and After Pictures (Mashable, September 28, 2022)

DART Impact and Judy Schmidt Interview (The Planetary Society, September 28, 2022)

See the First Eerie NASA Images of DART’s Asteroid Crash Site (CNET, September 28, 2022)

NASA’s DART Asteroid Impact Won’t Make Dimorphos Hit Earth — but Here’s What Would Happen If It Did (Space.com, September 28, 2022)

NASA Makes Deep Impact on Baltimore Brothers as Lab Invites Them to Crash Party (The Baltimore Banner, September 27, 2022)

NASA Practices Slamming Spacecraft Into Asteroid (Good Morning America, September 27, 2022)

Maryland Scientists Monitor Progress of First-of-Its-Kind Asteroid-Killer Technology (CBS News, September 27, 2022)

Greely High Grad Helped Write Algorithm for NASA Mission to Crash Into Asteroid (Central Maine, September 27, 2022)

NASA Knows How to Celebrate! (The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, September 27, 2022)

NASA’s DART Hits Asteroid (KNX in Depth, September 27, 2022)

Fresh Images Reveal Fireworks When NASA Spacecraft Ploughed Into Asteroid (Nature, September 27, 2022)

NASA’s $325 Million Collision with an Asteroid Could One Day Save the World (Time, September 27, 2022)

Dimorphos: NASA Flies Spacecraft Into Asteroid in Direct Hit (BBC News, September 27, 2022)

Science Captures Behind-the-Scenes Reactions to Asteroid-Smashing Mission (Science, September 27, 2022)

Bam! NASA Spacecraft Crashes Into Asteroid in Defense Test (AP News, September 27, 2022)

NASA Crashes Spacecraft Into Asteroid in Attempt to Knock It Off Course (PBS News Hour, September 26, 2022)

NASA Spacecraft Successfully Collides with Asteroid (Good Morning America, September 26, 2022)

NASA’s DART Spacecraft Successfully Crashes Into Asteroid in First Planetary Defense Test (USA Today, September 26, 2022)

Midland Resident Gears Up to Display U.S. Capacity to Save Humanity From Space Objects (Midland Daily News, September 26, 2022)

NASA Smashes Into an Asteroid, Completing a Mission to Save a Future Day (The New York Times, September 26, 2022)

NASA DART Spacecraft Rams Into an Asteroid in Defense Test (PBS, September 26, 2022)

NASA’s DART Mission Successfully Slams Into an Asteroid (CNN, September 26, 2022)

NASA’s DART Spacecraft Successfully Smacks a Space Rock — Now What? (Scientific American, September 26, 2022)

NASA Crashes Spacecraft Into Asteroid, Passing Planetary Defense Test (The Washington Post, September 26, 2022)

Move Over, Bruce Willis: NASA Crashed Into an Asteroid to Test Planetary Defense (NPR, September 26, 2022)

NASA Successfully Crashed a Spacecraft Into Its Asteroid Target (Smithsonian Magazine, September 26, 2022)

NASA Successfully Crashes Satellite Into Asteroid (Axios, September 26, 2022)

NASA Spacecraft Successfully Collides with Asteroid (ABC News, September 26, 2022)

NASA Probe Crashes Into Asteroid in Planetary Defense Test (CBS News, September 26, 2022)

Boom! NASA Just Slammed Into an Asteroid and Filmed the Crash (Mashable, September 26, 2022)

NASA’s First Attempt to Smack an Asteroid Was Picture Perfect (Popular Science, September 26, 2022)

‘Terror and Joy’: NASA’s DART Asteroid Impact a Historic Success (and Relief) (Space.com, September 26, 2022)

NASA’s DART Spacecraft Smashes Into an Asteroid — on Purpose (Wired, September 26, 2022)

‘Loss of Signal:’ NASA Successfully Crashes DART Spacecraft Into Asteroid for Planetary Defense Test (Fox Weather, September 26, 2022)

Asteroid Impact: Here’s the Last Thing NASA’s DART Spacecraft Saw Before It Crashed (Space.com, September 26, 2022)

DART Collides with Asteroid in Planetary Defense Test (Space News, September 26, 2022)

NASA Crashes DART Spacecraft Into an Asteroid, Testing a Tactic to Bump Space Rocks Away From Earth (Business Insider, September 26, 2022)

NASA’s DART Spacecraft Closes in on Target Asteroid as Test Mission Nears Climax (Nasdaq, September 26, 2022)

The DART Mission: Why NASA Crashed a Spacecraft Into an Asteroid Today (CNET, September 26, 2022)

Bam! NASA Spacecraft Crashes Into Asteroid in Defense Test (CNBC, September 26, 2022)

NASA to Crash Spaceship Into Asteroid in Real-Life Armageddon Experiment (Entertainment Weekly, September 26, 2022)

Watch Live: NASA’s Planetary Defense Test Crashes Spacecraft Into Asteroid 7 Million Miles From Earth (People, September 26, 2022)

To Laurel and Beyond — Md. Spacecraft to ‘Nudge’ Asteroid (DMV Download From WTOP News, September 26, 2022)

NASA to Crash DART Spacecraft Into Asteroid (Fox 6 Milwaukee, September 26, 2022)

NASA to Deflect Asteroid in Key Test of Planetary Defense (Phys.org, September 26, 2022)

DART Impact Day: How to Watch Live Coverage of Spacecraft’s Impact with Asteroid Dimorphos (SciTechDaily, September 26, 2022)

NASA’s DART Spacecraft Will Crash Into an Asteroid Tonight in Historic Planetary Defense Test (Space.com, September 26, 2022)

Space History in the Making: The First Impact of NASA’s DART Mission Today (The Science Times, September 26, 2022)

Asteroids, Spaceships and Dinosaurs: Everything You Need to Know About NASA’s DART Mission (ZDNET, September 26, 2022)

How to Watch NASA Slam a Battering Ram Into an Asteroid at 17,000 Miles Per Hour (Futurism, September 26, 2022)

How to Watch NASA’s Asteroid Collision Tonight (Washingtonian, September 26, 2022)

Check Out Images of NASA’s DART Mission to Redirect a Distant Asteroid (The Wall Street Journal, September 26, 2022)

How to Watch NASA Slam a Spacecraft Into an Asteroid (Mashable, September 26, 2022)

NASA Is Intentionally Crashing a Spacecraft Into an Asteroid on Monday. Here’s How to Watch the Collision Live. (Business Insider, September 26, 2022)

NASA Spacecraft Lining Up to Smash Into an Asteroid (BBC News, September 26, 2022)

NASA Will Crash a Spacecraft Into an Asteroid for Science! (Forbes, September 26, 2022)

How to Watch NASA Crash a Spacecraft Into an Asteroid on Monday (The Verge, September 26, 2022)

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NASA Spacecraft Will Slam Into an Asteroid Monday — If All Goes Right (The Washington Post, September 25, 2022)

NASA Is About to Crash Into an Asteroid. Here’s How to Watch. (The New York Times, September 25, 2022)

NASA Is About to Crash a Spacecraft Into an Asteroid. Here’s Why the Mission Could One Day Save Humanity. (NBC News, September 25, 2022)

DART on Track for Asteroid Collision (Space News, September 25, 2022)

The Unpredictabilities of NASA’s Wild Plan to Ram an Asteroid Off Course (New Atlas, September 25, 2022)

Target Venus Not Mars for First Crewed Mission to Another Planet, Experts Say (The Guardian, September 25, 2022)

Italian Satellite Will Witness NASA DART Spacecraft’s Asteroid Smash in the Name of Planetary Defense (Yahoo, September 24, 2022)

Asteroid-Bound DART Spacecraft Snaps Jupiter and Moon Europa (Digital Trends, September 24, 2022)

NASA Set to Ram Distant Asteroid in Bid to Avoid Future Catastrophes on Earth (Bloomberg, September 24, 2022)

NASA Is Slamming a Spacecraft Into an Asteroid on Monday to Test Planetary Defence (CBC, September 24, 2022)

The DART Mission Is About to Collide with an Asteroid. What to Expect (CNN, September 23, 2022)

How to Watch NASA’s Asteroid-Clobbering System Make Impact on Monday (Popular Mechanics, September 23, 2022)

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Asteroid-Bashing Spacecraft Is Ready to Test an Earth-Saving Manoeuvre (Nature, September 23, 2022)

A NASA Spacecraft Will Crash Into an Asteroid Monday Night — Here’s How to Watch (Travel and Leisure, September 23, 2022)

NASA Crashing Spacecraft Into Asteroid for First Planetary Defense Test: ‘Stuff of Science-Fiction Books’ (People, September 23, 2022)

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NASA Will Smash a Spacecraft Into an Asteroid Monday — What You Need to Know (Inverse, September 23, 2022)

DART Camera Snaps Jupiter Ahead of Fatal Collision (Cosmos Magazine, September 23, 2022)

NASA Gears Up to Deflect Asteroid, in Key Test of Planetary Defense (Phys.org, September 23, 2022)

NASA’s DART Spacecraft Tests Autonomous Navigation System Using Jupiter and Europa (SciTechDaily, September 23, 2022)

NASA Mission That Could Save Humanity (ABC News, September 22, 2022)

DART Asteroid-Smashing Mission ‘On Track for an Impact’ Monday, NASA Says (Space.com, September 22, 2022)

NASA’s DART Spacecraft a ‘Go’ for Asteroid Impact Demo (Aviation Week, September 22, 2022)

Why Is a NASA Spacecraft Crashing Into an Asteroid? (AP News, September 22, 2022)

NASA’s Planetary Defense Mission Will Test Asteroid Deflection, but How Realistic Is It? (Space.com, September 22, 2022)

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Why Is NASA Purposefully Crashing Into This Asteroid? (Toronto Star, September 22, 2022)

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Countdown to DART: Will We Move an Asteroid? (The Planetary Society, September 21, 2022)

NASA’s DART Asteroid-Smashing Mission Spots Jupiter and Its Moons (Space.com, September 21, 2022)

Johns Hopkins APL Execs James Miller, David Van Wie Join Defense Science Board (ExecutiveGov, September 21, 2022)

NASA’s DART Mission Will Put on an Asteroid-Smashing Show Next Week (Space.com, September 21, 2022)

NASA’s DART Crash: How to Watch Spacecraft Collide with Deep Space Asteroid (CNET, September 20, 2022)

Set a Calendar Alert: NASA to Broadcast First Asteroid Redirect on Monday (Ars Technica, September 20, 2022)

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DART Spacecraft Prepares to Collide with Asteroid Target Later This Month (The Hub, September 14, 2022)

Detecting Disruption in Closed Systems (Atlantic Council, September 14, 2022)

NASA’s Science Chief Zurbuchen to Step Down by Year’s End (Reuters, September 13, 2022)

Target Acquired: DART Satellite Spots Asteroid Ahead of Its Big Collision on September 26 (Cosmos Magazine, September 13, 2022)

Images From Asteroid-Smashing DART Mission Expected to Be ‘Stunning’ (Fox Weather, September 13, 2022)

NASA Probe Ready to Slam Into an Asteroid This Month in Landmark Planetary Defense Test (Space.com, September 13, 2022)

NASA’s Unprecedented Asteroid-Deflection Mission Is More Than ‘Billiards in Space,’ Scientists Say (Science, September 12, 2022)

Using Sensors and ML to Prevent Warfighter Injury (Military Embedded Systems, September 9, 2022)

NASA Spacecraft Set to Intentionally Crash Into an Asteroid to Help Save Earth (Fox Weather, September 9, 2022)

NASA’s Asteroid-Smashing Spacecraft Snaps First Image of Its Target (Gizmodo, September 9, 2022)

NASA’s Asteroid-Slamming DART Spacecraft Catches 1st Look at Target (Photo) (Space.com, September 8, 2022)

Can Asteroids Rock Our World? With Christina Hernández and Terik Daly (Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness, September 7, 2022)

2nd Huge Eruption From the Sun Hammers Venus (Space.com, September 7, 2022)

The Sun Just Produced an Explosion So Big It Will Be Studied ‘for Years’ (Newsweek, September 7, 2022)

Parker Solar Probe Aims to Catch a Solar Flare in Action (International Business Times, September 7, 2022)

2022 AGU Section Awardees and Named Lecturers (Eos, September 6, 2022)

What the Moon Can Tell Us About Earth (Axios, September 6, 2022)

NASA Spacecraft Hopes to Catch a Solar Flare as It Zips Past the Sun (Space.com, September 6, 2022)

NASA Calls Off Relaunch of Artemis I as Program Works to Return to the Moon (Fox News, September 3, 2022)

NASA’s DART Will Slam a Spacecraft Into an Asteroid This Month, Here’s How to Watch (Space.com, September 1, 2022)

White House Names 26 National Infrastructure Advisory Council Appointees (ExecutiveGov, September 1, 2022)

President Biden Announces Appointments to the President’s National Infrastructure Advisory Council (The White House, August 31, 2022)

After 45 Years in Space, the Voyager Probes Are Just Starting Out (NBC News, August 30, 2022)

The Asteroid NASA Will Slam Into in September Is Right Where Scientists Expected (Space.com, August 28, 2022)

NASA’s Asteroid-Deflecting Test Mission Is Just 1 Month Away From Impact (Space.com, August 26, 2022)

James Webb Space Telescope Detects Carbon Dioxide on Planet Outside Solar System (UCF Today, August 25, 2022)

Voyager Turns 45: What the Iconic Mission Taught Us and What’s Next (Space.com, August 20, 2022)

DART Asteroid Mission: NASA’s First Planetary Defense Spacecraft (Space.com, August 18, 2022)

Howard County, Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab Partner to Create Smart City Concept in Columbia (Baltimore Business Journal, August 17, 2022)

Stowaways on NASA’s Massive Moon Rocket Promise Big Science in Small Packages (Science, August 15, 2022)

To Prevent Injury, Computers Will Predict When Soldiers Are Tired (Popular Mechanics, August 11, 2022)

2022 AWM Presidential Recognition Award (Association for Women in Mathematics, August 10, 2022)

Why Scientists Want NASA to Approve an Interstellar Probe That Would Plumb the Depths of the Galaxy (WBUR, August 8, 2022)

To the Moon! South Korea’s First Lunar Mission Is on Its Way (Nature, August 5, 2022)

Near-Earth Asteroid Has a Surface Like a Fun-House Pit of Plastic Balls (CNN, August 4, 2022)

APL’s Future Vision (Space News, August 2022)

As NASA’s Asteroid Impact Mission Nears, Similar Chinese Efforts Raise Eyebrows (Breaking Defense, August 3, 2022)

South Korea to Send Its First Mission to the Moon (Smithsonian Magazine, July 29, 2022)

Will a NASA-Assisted Diffractive Solar Sail Take Us to the Sun? (Interesting Engineering, July 28, 2022)

With Lunar Orbiter, South Korea Will Join a Revived Race to Explore the Moon (Science, July 28, 2022)

‘Voyager on Steroids.’ Mission Would Probe Mysterious Region Beyond Our Solar System (Science, July 28, 2022)

Seismic Missions Could Reveal the Solar System’s Underworlds (Scientific American, July 28, 2022)

‘Everybody Is So Excited’: South Korea Set for First Moon Mission (Nature, July 28, 2022)

Interstellar Probe: Has Its Time Finally Come? (Space.com, July 26, 2022)

South Korea Is Ready to Launch Its 1st Moon Mission (Space.com, July 26, 2022)

Space Age Pursuits Lead to Grounded Tech (Truck News, July 21, 2022)

A New Private Moon Race Kicks Off Soon (Scientific American, July 21, 2022)

Global Map of Lunar Hydrogen: Data Confirms Role Water Played in Moon’s Formation (Science News, July 20, 2022)

Two Companies Join SpaceX in the Race to Mars, with a Launch Possible in 2024 (Ars Technica, July 19, 2022)

Johns Hopkins APL Promotes Barry Grabow as National Health Mission Area Executive (ExecutiveGov, July 18, 2022)

SWE Recognizes Individuals in Engineering and Technology for STEM Achievements & Community Contributions (Design World, July 18, 2022)

‘Rebooting’ the Moon: NASA’s Artemis Program Aims for Lunar Sustainability (Space.com, July 16, 2022)

Matt Zuber: From Gazette Athlete of Year to USAF Colonel with Ph.D. (The Gazette, July 11, 2022)

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