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New Horizons Takes Photos of Ultima Thule , 4 Billion Miles Away (The New York Times, December 31, 2018)

Johns Hopkins Leads Nation in Research Spending for 39th Consecutive Year (JHU Hub, December 17, 2018)

The Parker Solar Probe Takes Its First Up-Close Look at the Sun (Science News, December 12, 2018)

UNL Scientists, Drillers Look for Life Under Antarctic Ice Sheet (Lincoln Journal Star, December 4, 2018)

The US Military Is Genetically Engineering New Life Forms to Detect Enemy Subs (Defense One, December 1, 2018)

Key UAS Detect-and-Avoid System Tested Successfully in N.Y. (Unmanned Aerial Online, November 28, 2018)

CODE Demonstrates Autonomy and Collaboration with Minimal Human Commands (DARPA News, November 19, 2018)

China Is About to Visit Uncharted Territory on the Moon (Science News, November 11, 2018)

NASA: Record-Breaking Parker Solar Probe Now Closer to the Sun Than Any Other Man-Made Object (Newsweek, October 30, 2018)

NASA Probe Is Now Closest Ever Aircraft to the Sun, and It’s Getting Nearer (CNN, October 30, 2018)

Emerging Advanced Cybersecurity Technology and Techniques in the U.S. Federal Government (Forbes, October 29, 2018)

‘It’s Going to Be Historic’: New Horizons Team Prepares for Epic Flyby of Ultima Thule (Space.com, October 25, 2018)

A Slow Trip to a Hot Planet: Spacecraft Launches for Mission to Mercury (NPR, October 19, 2018)

All Systems Go for Second-Ever Mission to Enter Mercury’s Orbit (Nature, October 15, 2018)

IARPA Wants to Identify Criminals From Their Skin Cells (NextGov, October 15, 2018)

Robotics Expert: Artificial Intelligence Will ‘Creep’ into People’s Everyday Lives (The Hill, October 12, 2018)

New Horizons Sails Through ‘Final Exam’ Before Ultima Thule Encounter (Space.com, October 2, 2018)

A Long-Term R&D Vision for Johns Hopkins Lab (Signal Magazine, October 1, 2018)

Collision Course (Baltimore Magazine, October 2018)

60 Years of DARPA’s Favorite Toys (IEEE Spectrum, September 26, 2018)

Albuquerque Kids Meet Scientists Who Sent First Spacecraft to Pluto (KRQE-TV, September 21, 2018)

‘Everything About This Flyby Is Tougher’: New Horizons Just Over 100 Days From Ultima Thule (Planetary Society, September 19, 2018)

The Next War Might Include Mind-Controlled Drones (Military Times, September 19, 2018)

Cassini’s Last View of Saturn Moon Shows Fabulous Methane Lakes (Fox News, September 17, 2018)

2 Bear Sightings Documented by Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab (Columbia Patch, September 14, 2018)

Mission to Slam Spacecraft into Asteroid Has Begun Final Design and Construction (Gizmodo, September 13, 2018)

MDA: Space-based Kill Assessment Constellation Nearly in Place, Set to Deliver New Capability (Inside Defense, September 11, 2018)

New Reasons Why Pluto Should Be Considered a Planet After All (Universe Today, September 9, 2018)

DOE, Industry to Prepare Cyber Emergency Plans (Energy News, September 5, 2018)

Army Robot Can Get Itself Up After It Falls Down (Fox News, August 29, 2018)

NASA’s New Horizons Spacecraft Takes First Picture of Distant Rock It Will Visit (The New York Times, August 29, 2018)

Smarter Every Day: Parker Solar Probe (YouTube, August 24, 2018)

NASA Probe From Johns Hopkins Lab Rockets Toward Sun for Closest Look Yet (The Baltimore Sun, August 12, 2018)

NASA to Send Probe Closer to Sun Than Ever Before (CBS News, August 10, 2018)

Can Parker Solar Probe Take the Heat? (JHU Hub, August 6, 2018)

The Spacecraft Engineering Required to “Touch the Sun” (Popular Mechanics, August 6, 2018)

Building a Probe That Will Survive a Trip to the Sun (NPR, July 31, 2018)

How the Parker Probe Was Built to Survive Close Encounters with the Sun (Science News, July 31, 2018)

Mentor Group Takes Florida Space Trip (Tidewater, VA, News, June 30, 2018)

Researchers Explore AI’s Potential to Analyze Medical Images (Radiology Business, June 29, 2018)

‘Electronic Skin’ Developed at Johns Hopkins Allows Amputees to Feel Sensations in Prosthetic Hands (The Baltimore Sun, July 25, 2018)

Parker Solar Probe Will ‘Shake’ Hands with the Sun, Thanks to Small Push From Venus (PBS NewsHour, July 20, 2018)

Our Future with Intelligent Systems (It’s Better Than You Think) (TEDx Talk, July 19, 2018)

Biodefense World Summit Coverage – Biodetection Technologies (Contagion Live, July 13, 2018)

Death-Defying NASA Mission Will Make Humanity’s Closest Approach to the Sun (Nature, July 4, 2018)

NASA Develops Plan to Defend Earth From Asteroids (Hearst TV, July 4, 2018)

Johns Hopkins AI, Machine Learning Image Analysis May Reduce Risk of Blindness (Health Imaging, July 3, 2018)

Ingredients for Life Discovered Gushing Out of Saturn’s Moon (The Washington Post, June 27, 2018)

Japan’s Hayabusa2 Spacecraft Nears Its Target, the Asteroid Ryugu (Scientific American, June 26, 2018)

Cool Digs: Inside APL’s Intelligent Systems Center – Security Clearance Required (Baltimore Business Journal, June 25, 2018)

My Father, the Chemist, Teaches Anatomy (Scientific American, June 13, 2018)

NASA Probe’s Next Target May Reveal Solar System’s Origins (Salon.com, June 12, 2018)

Hacking the Brain’s Code (Wall Street Journal “Future of Everything” Podcast, June 6, 2018)

New Horizons Pluto Probe Wakes Up, on Course for New Year’s Day Flyby (CBS News, June 5, 2018)

The First Person to Live with a Mind-Controlled Robotic Arm Is Teaching Himself Piano (Quartz, June 5, 2018)

Dunes on Pluto Made of Tiny Frozen Grains of Methane (The Baltimore Sun, June 1, 2018)

Pluto Dune Mystery Challenges Scientists’ Frame of Reference (Christian Science Monitor, June 1, 2018)

Helicopters Are Coming to a Planet Near You (The Atlantic, May 15, 2018)

How Asteroids May Have Brought Water to Earth (The New York Times, May 15, 2018)

How NASA Will Look for Geysers (and Life) on Europa (Wired, May 14, 2018)

The Solar System’s Icy Secret Keeper (The Atlantic, May 14, 2018)

NASA to Send 1.1 Million People’s Names to the Sun (The Atlantic, May 1, 2018)

New Book Conveys Details and Flavor of First Mission to Pluto (EoS, May 1, 2018)

Stunning Scientists, NASA’s Only Moon Rover Just Got Canceled (The Washington Post, April 28, 2018)

Spirited Comedy, Courtesy of APL Scientists (Howard County Times, April 19, 2018)

Key Democrat Fighting Plan to Slash Pentagon Agencies (Defense News, April 18, 2018)

Solar Probe Arrives in Florida (Florida Today, April 10, 2018)

These Seafaring Robots Will Search for Life Across the Solar System (Popular Science, April 6, 2018)

Space Scientists Have Big Plans to Avert an Asteroid Apocalypse (NBC News, April 6, 2018)

‘Traffic Jam’ From Collapsing Ring May Have Carved Saturn Moon (Space.com, April 6, 2018)

Former NASA Scientist to Lead National Air and Space Museum (The Washington Post, April 5, 2018)

So Hot, It’s Cool: Record-Breaking Sun Probe Nearly Ready for Launch (Space.com, April 4, 2018)

More Synthetic Data Needed to Improve AI (National Defense, March 30, 2018)

NASA to Send Spacecraft into Sun’s Atmosphere (CBS This Morning, March 29, 2018)

Parker Solar Probe to Get Closer to the Sun Than Ever Before (WBAL TV, March 29, 2018)

NASA’s New Parker Probe Will Skim the Sun’s Surface (Wired, March 28, 2018)

Return to Titan (New Scientist, March 24, 2018)

The Army Battery You Can Cut in Half and Still Use (C4ISRNet, March 16, 2018)

SXSW 2018: How NASA’s Parker Solar Probe Was Engineered to Take the Heat (IEEE Spectrum, March 10, 2018)

U.S. Scientists Plot Return to the Moon’s Surface (Nature, March 6, 2018)

Parker Solar Probe Space Environment Testing (WJLA TV, February 26, 2018)

MPT Direct Connection: Launch Capabilities and Space Exploration (Maryland Public Television, February 12, 2018)

New Horizons Spacecraft, Controlled From Md. Lab, Sends Back Farthest Photos Ever Taken (WJZ Channel 13, February 12, 2018)

NASA’s Long-Dead IMAGE Satellite May Be Alive (Science, January 26, 2018)

Bob Work Has an Idea to Improve AI (C4ISRNet, January 24, 2018)

Parker Solar Probe Will Get Closer to the Sun Than Anything Ever Before (The Washington Post, January 22, 2018)

NASA’s Mission to the Sun Undergoes Space Testing (Newsweek, January 17, 2018)

Artificial Intelligence to Sort Through ISR Data Glut (NDIA Magazine, January 16, 2018)

Three Minutes of Microgravity Is Worth the Cost of a Small House, If You’re a Scientist (Quartz, January 12, 2018)

How to Conquer Titan with a Nuclear Quad Octocopter (IEEE Spectrum, January 8, 2018)

Scientific Ballooning Takes Off (Nature, January 4, 2018)

Next Christmas in the Kuiper Belt (Space Review, January 2, 2018)

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