Paul Stankiewicz



In this paper, we investigate the use of surrogate agents to accelerate test scenario generation for autonomous vehicles. Our goal is to train the surrogate to replicate the true performance modes of the system. We create these surrogates by utilizing imitation learning with deep neural networks. By using imitator surrogates in place of the true a   ...more

In this paper we propose a new method for generating test scenarios for black-box autonomous systems that demonstrate critical transitions in performance modes. This method provides a test engineer with key insights into the software’s decision-making engine and how those decisions affect transitions between performance modes. We achieve this via   ...more

We propose a novel method for generating test scenarios for a black box autonomous system that demonstrate critical transitions in its performance modes. In complex environments it is possible for an autonomous system to fail at its assigned mission even if it complies with requirements for all subsystems and throws no faults. This is particularly   ...more

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