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As larger neural circuit data becomes broadly available to the research community, researchers look to the brain to understand why humans perform certain tasks robustly and efficiently and the underlying circuitry for some neurological disorders. In particular, discovery of repeated structure in large, newly collected brain image volumes would supp   ...more

Neuroscientists are actively pursuing high-precision maps, or graphs consisting of networks of neurons and connecting synapses in mammalian and non-mammalian brains. Such graphs, when coupled with physiological and behavioral data, are likely to facilitate greater understanding of how circuits in these networks give rise to complex information pro   ...more

A May 2011 Nature article by Liu, Slotine, and Barabasi laid a mathematical foundation for analyzing network controllability of self-organizing networks and how to identify the minimum number of nodes needed to control a network, or driver nodes. In this paper, we continue to explore this topic, beginning with a look at how Laplacian eigenvalues r   ...more

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