A Message from Our Director

The many critical contributions that APL delivers to our sponsors are made possible because of the commitment and dedication of our exceptional staff members. During the Laboratory’s more than 80 year history, we have learned that our people and teams are at their most innovative and impactful when everyone — regardless of background, expertise, or role — is embraced as a vital and valued contributor.

This report details our continuing progress in developing a workplace that creates that sense of value. The technologies and breakthroughs developed at APL reach their potential only when the staff members who create them are empowered to succeed and thrive. That is why our work in ensuring a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace remains one of our strategic goals.

The Laboratory’s vision is to create defining innovations that ensure our nation’s preeminence in the 21st century. To enable that, APL must continue to strategically drive forward in recruitment, development, and retention of diverse talent, both as an enterprise and within each of our sectors and departments.

I want to close this message by thanking our outgoing chief diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) officer and head of our Talent Services Department, Aili Kujawa, for her unwavering passion and commitment to the Lab and our staff members. The essential work that she and the DEI teams around APL have undertaken positions us well for ensuring our staff have the best environment in which to explore and innovate for the Lab, our sponsors, and the nation. While we will greatly miss Aili, we wish her all the best in retirement.

Signature of Ralph Semmel
Ralph Semmel, Director

A Message from Our Chief DEI Officer

As I transition into retirement, I reflect on how fortunate I have been in my role as the head of APL’s Talent Services Department (TSX) and the unique opportunity I was given to foster change at the Laboratory. Like so many of APL’s dedicated staff members, I am passionate about diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), and committed to ensuring everyone at the Laboratory can thrive.

My roles in TSX and as APL’s first chief DEI officer (CDEIO) provided the opportunity to establish priorities and initiatives that wove DEI into the fabric of our culture. Over the years we have significantly expanded our DEI efforts by establishing and providing essential resources to affinity groups, our Labwide employee resource group, sector and department DEI teams, and most recently the DEI Ambassadors Program. These initiatives enable more voices to be heard and engage more hearts and minds as we embrace DEI to make APL and our nation stronger.

It has been gratifying to see the great progress we have made to increase the diversity of APL leadership and staff — and the formal feedback we receive from staff members confirms they feel they are treated fairly and with dignity and respect. However, we know our DEI journey is not close to done. I am proud that APL Director Ralph Semmel and all of the Laboratory’s top leaders are completely committed to our DEI goals — evidenced by their inclusion in our strategic vision and priorities. This commitment, amplified by our numerous hardworking DEI groups, APL’s new TSX Head/CDEIO Kristine Frohman, Deputy CDEIO Raquel Hunter and all of our dedicated staff members, will ensure our focus on DEI remains unwavering.

I want to thank every APL staff member for what they have done to make APL so unique and for allowing me to be your partner over the last 30 years in our quest to incorporate DEI into all facets of the organization. I know APL's staff will continue to ensure the Lab remains an incredibly successful and special national resource.

Signature of Aili Kujawa
Aili Kujawa, Chief DEI Officer