The 2006 URW Symposium Proceedings Book and Presentations
 The 2007 URW Symposium Proceedings Book
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 2007 URW Presentations and/or Papers
Dr. Ronald Luman, JHU/APL
Welcome and Insights from 2006
General James Cartwright, Commander, USSTRATCOM
Keynote Address: Warfighter Perspective on Integration of Strategy, Analysis, and Technology
The Nature of URW:
Prof. Thomas Keaney, JHU/SAIS (Moderator)  
Prof. Mary Habeck, JHU/SAIS  
Dr. Brad Roberts, IDA
Calibrating the WMD Threat
Dr. Michael O'Hanlon, Brookings Institution  
Luncheon Speaker:
Prof. Bruce Hoffman, Georgetown University,
author of Inside Terrorism
Mr. Michael Bauman, Director, TRADOC Analysis Center
Analysis Policy Message: Adapting to URW
Dr. Tony Tether, Director, DARPA
Technology Policy Message: Adapting to URW
Analytic Successes and Applicability to URW:
Dr. L. Dean Simmons, JHU/APL (Moderator)
Analytic Successes and Applicability to URW
Mr. Timothy Bright, ODPA&E
Assessing Irregular Warfare
Dr. Andy Ilachinski, CNA
Complex Adaptive Systems, Multiagent-Based Models, &
Some Heuristics Regarding Their Applicability to URW
Prof. Gary Shiffman, Georgetown University
Economic Analysis of Unrestricted Warfare
Dinner Speaker:
Mr. Al Berkeley, Chairman/CEO of Pipeline Trading Systems, former Vice Chairman of the NASDAQ Stock Market, Inc.
URW in the Information Domain:
Mr. Tim Galpin, JHU/APL (Moderator)
Mr. James Gosler, Sandia National Laboratories  
Mr. Daniel Wolf, Cyber Pack Ventures, Inc.  
Col. Steven McPherson, US Air Force Cyberspace
Task Force
URW in the Physical Domain:
Dr. José Latimer, JHU/APL (Moderator)  
Keynote Address:
Intelligence Community Perspective on the Maturing URW Threat
Dr. Mathew J. Burrows, Director, Analysis and Production Staff National Intelligence Council  
Tailored Deterrence: What Will It Look Like?:
Mr. Thomas McNamara, Jr., JHU/APL (Moderator)  
Col. Charles Lutes, USAF  
Dr. Jasen J. Castillo, OUSD(P)  
Unrestricted Warfare:
Senior Perspectives
VADM Eric Olson, Deputy Commander, USSOCOM  
VADM Bert Calland III, Deputy Director for Strategic Operational Planning, National Counterterrorism Center  
VADM Nancy Brown, Director for C4 Systems (J6),
The Joint Staff
Dr. Thomas Mahnken, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Policy Planning  
Mr. Philip Mudd, Associate Executive Assistant Director, National Security Branch, FBI  
Mr. John McLaughlin, Senior Fellow,
JHU/SAIS (Moderator)
Contact - Conference Facilities, 443-778-6540