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URW 2009 Speakers

  Ronald R. Luman

Ronald R. Luman is Head of the National Security Analysis Department (NSAD) at JHU/APL. With a staff of 180, NSAD taps JHU/APL’s engineering and scientific expertise, military and intelligence operational experience, advanced simulation methodologies, and sophisticated seminar and decision support techniques to conduct analyses of critical national security issues for U.S. Government sponsors. NSAD has provided independent recommendations and guidelines on capabilities, systems, and architectures for OSD, CNO, JFCOM, NSA, DARPA, DTRA, and other sponsors. Under Dr. Luman’s leadership, NSAD‘s Warfare Analysis Business Area is now focusing on the emergence of non-nation state threats to national security.

Dr. Luman has expertise in applying systems engineering principles to guidance system accuracy, unmanned undersea vehicles, countermine warfare, ballistic missile defense, and intelligence systems. He was chief analyst for the Joint Countermine Advanced Concept Technology Demonstration and principal in a watershed study to define the sea-based components of the ballistic missile defense architecture. He was Technical Director for intelligence systems engineering and architecture and a member of the National Academy of Sciences committee on the role of naval forces in the global war on terror. He leads a cross-enterprise activity at JHU/APL to understand future conflict and build appropriate technical capabilities to counter unconventional warfare.

Dr. Luman earned his doctorate in operations research from the George Washington University, received his master’s degrees from Michigan State and Johns Hopkins, and is a 1976 graduate of Middlebury College. He was an Adjunct Professor of Systems Engineering for the George Washington University at the U.S. Naval Academy (1998–2002). In 2006, he initiated an annual symposium on national security challenges posed by unrestricted warfare in collaboration with JHU’s School of Advanced International Studies: