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URW 2009 Speakers

  Edward (Ted) A. Smyth, USMC (ret)

Colonel Edward A. Smyth is a Fellow within the National Security Analysis Department (NSAD) and a Fellow and former President of the Military Operations Research Society (MORS). He is a former Marine Corps Colonel with 30 years of active service, during which he commanded Marine Corps units at the company/battery, battalion, and regimental level. His primary military occupational specialty was artillery/fire support with subspecialties as a military operations analyst and historian. Since joining JHU/APL, he has served as the Director, Campaign Analysis Team of the Surface Combatant 21 Cost and Operational Effectiveness Analysis, as the Director, Land Attack Warfare Studies, and as Supervisor of the Ground Operations Section of the National Security Analysis Department. He has also coordinated efforts in support of OPNAV Sea Strike analyses, served as the Supervisor of the Joint Effects Based Operations Group, developed and organized a three-day symposium sponsored by MORS on the subject of “Analysis of Urban Warfare,” and served as the Senior JHU/APL Analyst in support of the National Security Agency’s Signals Intelligence Requirements Office. His most recent activities include active contributions to the March 2006 and 2007 Johns Hopkins University Symposium on Unrestricted Warfare and leadership of the requirements determination phase of a JHUAPL study entitled, “Next Generation Surface Combatant and Submarine Strike,” a MORS Special Meeting on the subject of “Wargaming and Analysis” conducted during October 2007, and an Analysis of Alternatives on the Joint Effects Targeting System (JETS).