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URW 2009 Speakers

  Thomas M. McNamara, Jr.

Mr. Thomas M. McNamara, Jr. is Principal Professional Staff at JHU/APL, Laurel, Maryland. Mr. McNamara is the National Security Capabilities Program Area Manager in the National Security Analysis Department. His program area is focused on those OSD and Joint Chiefs of Staff organizations whose critical challenges are to assess the Department’s capabilities for emerging national security challenges and strategically balance and integrate joint defense capabilities. Prior to this position, Mr. McNamara was Head of the Strategic Posture Office of APL, which coordinated APL’s contributions to New Triad issues and strategic initiatives. In this position, Mr. McNamara served as the Laboratory’s principal point-of-contact for initiatives with and support to the U.S. Strategic Command and was involved with a variety of initiatives relating to U.S. Strategic posture. His activities involved strategic planning, business and program development, problem analysis, team-building, and program management.

Mr. McNamara is a native of Florida, and 1976 graduate of Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, Florida where he received a B.S. in Ocean Engineering. He subsequently served in various engineering capacities, including Materials Research Assistant, Mechanical Engineer, and Field Engineer and was employed by the David Taylor Naval Ship R&D Center before coming to APL. His professional contributions at APL have spanned a period exceeding 20 years and have been marked by progressive responsibilities in both line and program management. His background includes expertise in undersea warfare, autonomous unmanned vehicles and systems, advanced R&D, DoD acquisition, systems engineering, and command and control. His contributions to APL were interrupted for a period of five years when Mr. McNamara moved to commercial industry and pursued business opportunities overseas.

Mr. McNamara received his M.S. in Technical Management in 1995 from the Johns Hopkins University. He has received several Navy acquisition awards. He has also served on a variety of technical panels, published technical papers, and presented at numerous symposia and technical meetings.