Attention US Navy Active Duty or Civilian The Submarine Technology Symposium is authorized by COMSUBFOR. If you are registering as Department of the Navy active duty or civilian, please contact LCDR Mike Wickham, the COMSUBFOR quota control manager, at 757-836-4713 or You do not need to submit a separate DON/AA request to attend this conference.

Note to US Government attendees: US Government registrations are considered TENTATIVE until reviewed by COMSUBFOR.

Instructions for Submitting Classified Visit Requests The Symposium is held at the SECRET/NOFORN level and requires verification of attendee personal security clearances. Classified visit requests should be submitted to the JHU/APL Visitor Control Office well in advance of the Symposium. The Visitor Control Office provides two methods for submission of visit requests:
  1. JPAS: sent via SMO code 888984
  2. Via fax: 240-228-6400 or 443-778-6400
All requests should indicate that the visit request is for “Submarine Technology Symposium 2017”. Questions should be directed to JHU/APL Visitor Control (Phone: 240-228-5661 or 443-778-5661).

ATTENTION SPEAKERS and EXHIBITORS: If you will be attending the set-up and run-through on Monday, 08 May please be sure to include this date in your visit request.