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Research and Exploratory Development


Residing in the Research and Exploratory Development Department (REDD), the Research and Exploratory Development (RED) Mission Area merges science, technology, and systems engineering to provide highly innovative, affordable, and timely solutions to critical national challenges.

RED's focus on enabling highly innovative solutions to complex operational problems is a key distinction within the defense and national security communities. By design, RED serves as a portal to technological expertise, supporting government sponsors such as the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), the Intelligence Community, the Office of Naval Research (ONR), the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL), and the National Institutes of Health (NIH). RED also supports other APL mission areas in cross-enterprise initiatives of vital importance to the nation and the Laboratory by making technology breakthroughs and transitioning solutions to our sponsors. Our basic and applied research and technology development provides the foundation for many forward-looking internal and sponsored programs and initiatives. RED has expertise in multiple technical disciplines, solid systems engineering, rapid prototyping, and integration. Most importantly, because we understand the critical military and civilian operational environments, we provide our sponsors with relevant cutting-edge solutions.

Our ability to develop practical solutions and provide fielded prototypes for evaluation is a major benefit to our sponsors. RED frequently works across multiple organizations to build and lead teams in solving complex problems. Furthermore, we are experienced practitioners of technology transition, and we are able to move products directly to theaters of operation and/or industry.

RED has the technology, expertise, and culture of innovation and excellence to meet future national challenges.