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Applied Neuroscience

Applied Neuroscience Applied Neuroscience Applied Neuroscience


Information superiority has been described as the pillar upon which the United States will build its future military and intelligence dominance. If this is the case, the foundation upon which that pillar may be constructed is neuroscience superiority: an unsurpassed understanding of the brain and an ability to use this understanding to advance information-processing capabilities. Neuroscience superiority is needed because information collection, which is typically automated, often far outpaces information interpretation, which typically relies on human processing. Understanding and exploiting the ways that the brain processes information afford the opportunity to correct this imbalance.


APL strives to be the nation's leading provider of 6.2 (Applied Research) through 6.4 (Demonstration and Evaluation) neural science and technology by leveraging our knowledge about the structure and function of the human brain to create innovative, real-world solutions to critical challenges faced by our sponsors in the Department of Defense, the intelligence community, and other U.S. government organizations. In particular, our work focuses on cutting-edge research and development in the following four areas: