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Systems Engineering Program Area

The Systems Engineering Program Area focuses on the development, integration, and optimization of tools, systems, and processes to improve the state of health and medical treatment.

staffHealth Systems Integration
We are applying a systems approach to redesigning a health care system that is integrated, is highly reliable, and learns, leveraging APL competencies in systems engineering, system development, interoperability/integration, data visualization, data sharing, data analytics, and information security.

Systems BiologyHealth Systems Optimization
Health systems consist of policies, property, people, and processes. APL seeks to optimize the performance of the holistic system and create a learning system, leveraging competencies in areas such as systems and industrial engineering, biostatistics and epidemiology, software development, and human factors.

Health Technologies
APL is applying its extensive capabilities in advanced biomaterials, biological and physiological sensors, robotics, imaging systems, machine learning, and data fusion to develop, apply, and transition transformative technologies in health diagnosis and functional restoration (e.g., neurally integrated prosthetics).