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Applying its systems engineering expertise, operational knowledge, and technology development, APL is helping government defense and security agencies meet the challenges of a global war on terrorism. The scope of our work is as diversified as the threats to national security.

Staff working on Homeland Protection programs have significant domain knowledge and technical expertise in key security areas. We provide end-users with technology, capabilities, and operational support. We have a strong record of delivering solutions to sponsors from a premier technology and experience foundation including:

  • Testing and evaluation of a wide range of systems and technologies
  • Technology innovation and prototype development
  • Collection and transmission of time-series data analyses
  • Rapid response to changing homeland threats
  • Wide range of technology available for deployment

We focus on the critical challenge of rapidly adapting to changing threats by developing technologies and enhanced capabilities. APL is helping provide end-users with the tools needed to detect and prevent terrorist attacks, means of terrorism, and other illegal activities. Our work is sponsored by government agencies—such as DoD and DHS—that are responsible for defending our homeland and territorial waters. We work with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to develop cutting-edge technology and products. We also support the operations of our armed special forces in their efforts to combat the threat from autonomous, decentralized terrorist groups.