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biomedical iconOur critical mission is to make meaningful contributions to warfighter survivability, sustainment, and performance.

We bring solid systems engineering and integration credentials to the understanding of warfighter and critical civilian operational environments. We apply biotechnology, life sciences, and engineering to prevent and treat trauma by expanding our understanding of the injury environment and improving the engineering in treatment systems. We work at the cutting edge of concept development to improve personnel sustainment and performance.

Within the Biomedicine Business Area, interdisciplinary project teams address the critical challenges of our sponsors, drawing from the depth and breadth of expertise around the Laboratory, across the University, and with outside technical organizations.

Much of our program work concentrates on the critical challenges presented by human physical trauma. We are developing products to prevent trauma, and we're engineering systems solutions for the treatment of trauma. Our biomedical achievements reach back more than 45 years. We bring APL's solid systems engineering credentials to the understanding of injury environments and treatment systems.


The challenges of health threats to military operations and the need for force health protection require system-of-system solutions. As part of an engineering organization, our work focuses on achieving solutions to critical biomedical needs—from theory through design prototyping and testing. Our ability to develop practical solutions and provide prototypes for evaluation is a major benefit to our sponsors. APL is also a teaming organization, bringing the strength of multiple disciplines, especially systems engineering and integration. Our work is grounded in science, so we can effectively identify, manage, and mitigate risks. We apply technology, supported by an effective quality assurance process.

Our capabilities and programmatic roles include:

  • Prototype design and fabrication
  • Testing and evaluation
  • Systems integration
  • Honest broker/technical advisor
  • Technology incubation and transition
  • Development of world-class, multidisciplinary teams of collaborators
  • We bring technical and managerial depth and experience (evaluating needs, defining requirements, finding solutions from best providers, filling technology gaps when needed, and performing critical testing and evaluation of potential solutions).
  • We maintain deep knowledge of both technical and medical issues (leveraging our collaborative relationships with elements of a premier research university).
  • We excel at assembling, organizing, and leading successful teams.
  • We are experienced practitioners of technology transition, which is built into projects from the beginning to move products directly to theaters of operation and/or to industry.