Space Inner-Domain Routing

Reference#: P03637

Traditional satellite communication systems were designed to use dedicated point to point contact from ground station to its satellites. These systems cannot meet the needs of modern satellite communications, which require high bandwidth with minimal delay and disruptive network.

APL is working on initiatives to migrate satellite communication systems from circuit switching to a packet-switched systems based on the Internet Protocol (IP) to achieve a IP-based ad-hoc satellite networks.

We envision an Inter-Satellite Link (ISL) network topology that enables various users and their interconnectivity to LEO or GEO networks. Any of these users could move from one backbone to another backbone without manual configuration or interruption of the network service. This seamless mobility capability may provide significant benefits in long-term satellite maintenance and operational costs.

We are working with industry partner to evaluate the use IP networks across multiple Platforms; we plan to verify the advantages of IP networks using the Iridium NEXT as a demonstration space platform, and using specific utility to interface to new space assets.

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