Single Pixel Multicolor Passive Display

Reference#: P03556

Current low-power passive displays (e-inks) are limited to two pigment options (typically black and white). To get color, the current method involves arrays of different two-color cells operating as a pixel, which limits the quality of the display. To provide color to portable units at high pixel count, active liquid-crystal display (LCD) or light-emitting diode (LED) technologies must be used, which greatly increases the power consumption of the device. LCD consumes few watts, whereas passive screens are on the order of milliwatts.

APL researchers have invented a single-pixel, multicolor, tunable, low-powered passive display. This device consists of a self-assembling cube that contains different pigments on its different faces. It is easily controlled to display and passively maintain a wide variety of colors by the rotation of the cube. A controllably rotated cube also could serve as a platform for other applications such as sensors.

Patent Status: U.S. patents pending.

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