Apparatus and Method for Identifying Related Code Variants in Binaries

Reference#: P03366

CodeDNA is a patented defensive technology that facilitates community-based defense against malware attacks. By generating unique DNA-like fingerprints from incoming files and computing similarity scores across a database of fingerprints, CodeDNA can automate the identification of related malware binaries and link variants with significantly higher detection accuracy than other industry-leading technologies.

Why is it important?
Today, the economics of information security favor the attackers. Attackers generally base new attacks on previously developed code. CodeDNA exploits this efficiency by reporting the codebase relationships between malware binaries, shifting the advantage to the defenders.

Who is your audience?
CodeDNA aims to support the missions of government and enterprise by enhancing their cyber defense operations. A cyber security firm that includes CodeDNA in its solutions will offer a key differentiator to customers.

JHU/APL is looking for partners to license the technology.

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Additional References:

U.S. patent 9,003,529 issued