High Energy Fiber Laser Modulator

Reference#: P02899

Stimulated Brillouin scattering (SBS) is a limiting factor in a narrow-linewidth high-energy fiber laser. SBS is typically defeated with large bandwidth. However, large bandwidths are problematic when coherence is required and when phase control is a primary objective. Applications requiring scalability of optical powers and exquisite optical qualityŚin other words, temporal and spatial coherenceŚwill primarily benefit from coherent modulation schemes providing control and reduced advent of SBS.

APL developed a compact and rugged technology that combines commercial fiber amplifiers with innovative seed lasers and modulation formats to double the laser power while maintaining narrow linewidth. It allows combination of high-power/narrow-linewidth lasers, thus reducing the number of discrete lasers required to achieve a given power. This single-mode fiber laser can be used for applications such as laser cutting, joining, and drilling.

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