System and Method for Tomographic Retrieval of Parameter Profile from Traveling Path

Reference#: P02876

ASRIEL, the Advanced Spectroscopic Retrieval of Ionospheric Electrons on the Limb, represents a key leap in technology for detecting electron content in the ionosphere. While there are other methods for detecting electron density profiles, these other methods are not capable of providing the spatial resolution and the rapid refresh rate needed to support intelligence and DoD operations, especially when the ionosphere is disturbed.

The key innovation of ASRIEL is its scan pattern controlled by a microprocessor and its flight altitude (300- to 500-km altitude), which eliminate ambiguities in the daytime UV signal. It also enables a very high-resolution (100 times better than GPS occultation) 3D electron density field on a 24/7 global basis.

Patent Status: U.S. patent(s) 8,594,972 issued.

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