Critical Infrastructure Inspection Management System (CIIMS)

Reference#: P02836

Critical Infrastructure protection is an ongoing challenges for Federal, State, Local government and private contractors, in addition, cross jurisdictional communications have traditionally been challenged in preparing for, responding to and recovering from national security/homeland security events. Developing a high level architecture that enables seamless communication and information sharing will be a significant contribution to this challenge. Furthermore, recent natural disasters recovery experiences taught us the critical importance of close coordination and communication amongst Federal, State, Local government and private contractors. A accurate visual verification protocol based tool and service for managing risk is urgently needed.

We created a portable set of software tools connected to a database; it is a visual verification protocol based tool for managing risk for critical infrastructure and key resources. A mission management component was incorporated for coordination amongst many managers. A real time evacuation tool was developed for calculating clearance times for a disaster area by an emergency planner. The evacuation is simulated based on census data, daytime population data, roadway network data, and user-configurable population behavior parameters. Results of the calculations are displayed visually in an hourly animation that permits the planner to identify risks and investigate alternatives in developing a safe and efficient evacuation.

We have worked with Maryland State Police to develop a prototype tablet-based system for directing and conducting airborne patrols. We have deployed to LA Department of Water & Power for patrol of aqueduct, pipeline, tank and reservoir patrols; we have deployed it to LA Port Police and also deployed to Alabama Dept. of Environment for Deepwater Horizon oil spill damage assessment and monitoring; later deployed server to Alabama fusion center for critical infrastructure protection mission.

We are seeking commercial transition licensee, focusing on non-US Government customers who own or operate critical infrastructure assets in the US and on a global basis. Our target industries will include oil and gas (midstream and downstream assets such as pipelines, refineries, and fuel storage), ports, railroads, airports, electricity infrastructure operators, nuclear power generation firms, shopping mall operators and operator of large scale events such as the World Cup and Olympics.

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