A Flexible Computational Framework for Systems Optimization

Reference#: P02474

Existing software products for process integration and design optimization are not specifically implemented for systems engineering applications, and thus do not define a formal structured approach for system evaluation. Also, with existing products, the specialists must often create customized and highly interdependent computer codes to address the problem from operations research, systems engineering and physical modeling perspectives.

Developers at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory have developed a software system that implements a systems evaluation framework with flexible architecture that allows users, including operations researchers, systems modelers, and environmental modelers, to define and solve a modeling-based or simulation-based engineering optimization problem, without requiring pervasive interdependencies among optimization algorithms, system models and environmental models. This software has a framework that all specialsts can understand at their level of intent. It is also structured with well-defined interfaces that avoid code-interdependencies and provides the flexibility to define and solve reasonably complex system optimization problems.

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