Graph Query Language (GQL) Syntax and Functionality for Efficient and Iterative Querying of Data Graphs

Reference#: P02354

The subject technology provides an approach to queries on data that is organized using a graph data model, as opposed to traditional relational databases and their associated query languages. The technology integrates multiple approaches to graph queries into a seamless language and returns results in a graph data format, more easily enabling subsequent iterative queries.

Graph data models and related querying technologies offer significant advantages to discovering relationships in large data sets and are the basis for many of the new capabilities anticipated for the next generation Semantic Web. Despite the significant potential represented by this capability, the current market for graph data querying is very small. This is due in part to the fact that most data is not yet being stored in this format and there are significant data conversion costs. Additionally, with regard to the subject technology, software languages are typically in the domain of standards, while applications built using these languages are the resulting commercializable products

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