Trusted Ring Secure Platform Architecture

Reference#: P02349

People rely on computers to provide security, whether it be for online banking transactions, internet purchases, SCADA systems, personal and medical information, or electronic voting. Ultimately, it is the operating system that is expected to supply this security, but operating systems are often the weak link in the chain. Trusted Ring provides a modular framework for inserting custom security services that can be taylored to protect the information that matters most. Trused Ring provides isolation and protection for security service modules such that if the operating system is infected with malware (i.e., virus or worm) the security service is still protected and can still protect mission critical data.

JHU/APL's Trusted Ring secure platform is a software system architecture for hardware that provides a framework to implement services that are isolated, protected and optionally hidden from the operating system. The primary goal of the Trusted Ring architecture is to provide a secure platform that is non-bypassable and tamper proof against attacks from all other code executing on the system, including the operating system.

Advantages of the Trusted Ring security enhancing software architecture:
* is independent of OS
* supports security service modules
* provides a high assurance base from which to assert that desired security properties hold true
* is based on hardware protection mechanisms
* Basic self-healing security service implementation

Potential applications include:
* Banking
* Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)
* Government
* Electronic Voting

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