CollabSpace - An Advanced Geospatial Collaboration Environment

Reference#: P02324

Most collaboration environments (chat, instant messaging, etc) are not geospatially aware. The collaboration in the Command and Control domain typically revolves around 3 general spaces: geographic location of objects (aircraft, troops, etc), temporal information (when objects will arrive, depart, etc) and process information (where in a detailed series of events are users).

Researchers at The Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory have developed COLLABSPACE - An Advanced Geospatial Collaboration Environment with the following capabilities:

Basic text chat based on the Jabber/XMPP protocol.

Geospatial whiteboarding where users can draw lines, polygons, points and other objects on the geographic display and exchange them with other users in a shared workshop. Whiteboarding information is shared to all users in a chat session. Information is exchanged using the Jabber/XMPP protocol.

Shared view. Users can share their current view to other users so they can see exactly what the user is looking at. Views are shared to all users in a chat session. Information is exchanged using the Jabber/XMPP protocol.

Advanced text chat capabilities tailored for Command and Control collaboration.

- Automatic hyperlinking from chat to known geospatial objects. When the name of a geospatial is seen within chat it is converted to a hyperlink that when clicked takes the user to that object within the geodisplay.
- Automatic highlighting and capture of directed requests and responses. When a user directs a question to another collaboration user by name, the chat client of the target user automatically highlights this message for the target user and adds it to their "Request" task list for handling. The message is also stored in the requestor's "Ask" task list as a reminder that a question or request has been made. When the message is answered or task is complete, the answer is kept with the question in the "Ask" task list until the requestor retrieves it. All participants in the chat see the exchange.
- Multi-Channel Support in a single chat window. Provides the user the ability to monitor and converse in multiple chat channels from within the same chat window.
- Support for "threaded" conversations in a chat session. A tag can be attached to a message to indicate that it is part of an ongoing thread of conversation. These threads can be easily extracted into a separate window to see the conversation without messages that are not part of that conversation. (NOTE: Not fully supported in current release of the software)
- User defined keyword highlighting. When a user specified word is seen in a message, it is automatically highlighted to make identification easier. (NOTE: Not fully supported in current release of the software)

Web Service export of collaboration artifacts. Collaboration artifacts such as whiteboard objects are available to web service enabled Command and Control systems as an overlay.

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