Device for Rapid and Nondestructive Detection of the Presence of Latent Fingerprints

Reference#: P02307

Portable system for forensic analysis to rapidly detect and locate latent fingerprints in a nondestructive manner. No system exists that detects and locates the presence of a latent print and provides information on the quality metric of the print itself. Current systems are seriously inefficient, extremely time-consuming, and many require additional chemical treatment to the entire area, which permanently changes the evidence and the crime scene.

Researchers at The Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory are developing a cost effective, portable, handheld forensic tool for law enforcement that will rapidly and nondestructively determine the location of latent fingerprints within a complex crime scene. The device is not designed to process the fingerprint data (minutiae), but rather to simply indicate the presence or absence of fingerprint evidence. It will be used to quickly search crime scenes to find the most probable sites for further in-depth fingerprint examination. The end goal is to provide a tool, which allows forensic teams to complete their work more quickly and efficiently, without compromising their performance. The ultimate goal is to develop a prototype transferable to industry in order to make this forensic tool cost effective enough to have wide applicability within law enforcement agencies, both civilian and defense-related, at less than $1000 per unit.

Dr. G. R. Jacobovitz
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