Periscope Object Identifier

Reference#: P02280

The highly dynamic environment posed by the ocean surface eliminates many algorithms (i.e. statistics-based segmentation, detection) as potential solutions to detection of surface ships from a low vantage point.

The JHU/APL technology is an algorithm for automatic detection, classification and range and bearing estimation of surface ships in periscope images. The Periscope Object Identifier (POI) is applicable to visible-spectrum still and video camera images and has been tested with data from Photonics Mast (PM) periscope and the Type 18 periscope. The technology used by the algorithm is common in image processing, resulting in a low-risk algorithm. Resource requirements are modest. Performance on real data indicates that the algorithm can reasonably aid the periscope operator to automatically estimate range and bearing, despite the limited data sets available for tuning and evaluation.

Commercial applications could include use for large commercial shipping as a back-up for maritime radar or for detecting ships closer than radar's minimum range.

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