Advanced Programming Interface (API) for Integration With IVC-4300 Video Acquisition Card

Reference#: P02279

Currently, the IVC-4300 video acquisition card can only be interfaced with through advanced programer knowledge of Microsoft DirectShow which can only be used in C or C++ programs.

Researchers at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory have developed an Advanced Programmer Interface (API) with an accompanying library that provides a simpler interface for the IVC-4300 video acquisition card. This software package can be used to develop software and hardware products that uze the IVC-4300. Currently, the IVC-4300 software development kit (SDK) is just an example of how to interface the hardware through Microsoft DirectShow code. It requires an advanced programmer with knowledge of DirectShow to implement software utilizing the board outside the SDK's GUI application. This API would provide a way for novice programmers to interface with the IVC-4300. Also, DirectShow can only be used in C or C++ programs, but this API, since it is incorporated in a Dynamic Link Library (DLL), can be used by a number of 3rd party programs such as Matlab and LabVIEW.

This software takes hundreds of lines of C++ code with many DirectShow calls and changes them into a handful of simple interface calls.

A separate DLL also provides additional support with abilities of reparing video files that have been corrupt by a sudden loss of system power and extracting still frames out of video files.

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