An Information Visualization Software System to Manage Resource Access Control Policies

Reference#: P02276

Information security must be assured as sharing information becomes more prevalent and more flexible in multi-national and multi-organizational environments. Complex digital Access Control policies/ rules can be difficult to author, analyze, update, approve, and reverse-engineer. Management of the policies, rules, and their interactions can become intractable and overwhelming to human administrators, therefore there is a need to improve comprehension of access control policies and conflict resolution.

JHU/APL has developed a prototype application to visualize resource access requests based on a rule-based access control model. Our information visualization software system is:

* Useful anywhere control access required
* Networks, virtual networks
* Web sites, portals, web services, messaging
* Databases, directories, other repositories
* Useful to different stakeholders
* Network, repository, mission owners
* System support personnel
* System Certifiers
* System and Network Accreditors

Our technology is relevant to many industries where information security is required and there exist different access control policies, such as: government / military, medical, financial, legal, entertainment.

Ms. H. L. Curran
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