Nanocavities for Use in Quantum Information Processing

Reference#: P02175

There is considerable interest in developing quantum information processing systems, such as quantum computers, using photons as the bits or “qubits.” Several of these approaches require a nonlinear interaction between two photons.

This invention comprises a technique for greatly enhancing two-photon absorption by placing the atoms inside an appropriate nanocavity. It involves the use of these nanocavities for two-photon absorption and quantum information processing based on the Zeno effect. The small volume of the cavity allows the Zeno gates to operate with lower losses and errors. The size of the devices is greatly reduced and can be mass-produced using commercially available techniques, and this in turn greatly increases the commercial viability of quantum information processing using photons. The nanocavities also have practical applications in enhancing other nonlinear optical effects of interest for low-intensity light, including frequency upconversion, parametric down-conversion, and four-wave mixing.

Patent Status: U.S. patent(s) 7236667 issued.

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