Ground Moving Target Indicator (GMTI) Aided Video Registration

Reference#: P02144

Battlefield video does not fully support precision engagements due to poor geolocation of targets in video. A technique for improved image coordinate to ground position transformation is needed for real time, integrated tracking for situational awareness; force protection; and forensic analysis of the battlefield.

The JHU/APL Ground Moving Target Indicator (GMTI) technology provides improved geo-registration of Unmanned Aerial Video (UAV) to obtain engagement quality geolocation of targets in video. The JHU/APL approach is to correlate in real time UAV video tracks to more accurate GMTI from other platforms to accurately register UAV video tracks. This fusion of multi-platform, multi-sensor data provides a ground picture with improved kinematic accuracy, coverage and identification.

Commercial applications for the JHU/APL technology include tracking GPS/cell positions, highway tracking, harbor/airport tracking, and first responder video surveillance and tracking.

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