Enhanced Sampling Device

Reference#: P02133

A device to enhance the efficiency of the SPME process, the device permitting more rapid transport and absorption of the analytes to the fiber for collection. Further, the device must allow injection of the SPME into a full-scale laboratory analyzer. These features thus address and solve problems associated with conventional SPME systems.

The present invention is directed to an enhanced sampling device, herein referred to as an ESD, for enhancing the collection efficiency of the SPME method by enhancing the flow of the analytes on the sampling fiber. The ESD includes a tubular main body, which may be used for a sampling shroud which directs a flow of analytes to contact the fiber during collection. One end of the main body can be open and my face the sampling, allowing analystes to flow into the ESD and contact the fiber. A second piece of tubing may branch from the other end of the main body and can become an outlet port, possibly leading to a pump. This application describes several embodiments of the ESD. The ESD permits more rapid transport and absorption of the analytes to the fiber for collection by potentially passing the gas carrying the analyte coaxially over all surfaces of the SPME fiber in a closely confined area so that the majority of the analyte comes into intimate contact with the fiber where it may be captured for later analysis.

Patent Status: U.S. patent(s) 7749443 issued.

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