High-fidelity Quantum Logic Operations Using Linear Optical Elements

Reference#: P01911

Techniques for high fidelity quantum teleportation include receiving an input photon representing a qubit. Ancilla photons are generated in a particular ancilla quantum state chosen to reduce a rate of error below a threshold error rate. The ancilla and the input photon are combined to populate output channels. A number of photons representing logical value 1 are measured in a subset of the output channels. A particular output channel is determined based on the measured number of photons. A teleported photon is obtained at the particular output channel with an error rate below the threshold error rate. These techniques allow the ancilla quantum state to be chosen to minimize the error despite the presence of losses and noise. Quantum logic operations are performed by teleporting two input qubits with the quantum state of the ancilla chosen to produce the desired logical result and reduce the error.

Patent Status: U.S. patent(s) 7006267 issued.

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