Magnetometer ASIC

Reference#: P01901

There is an increasing need for miniature magnetometers for mapping magnetic fields in space and in industrial and environmental applications. The trend has been constantly toward smaller size, lower power consumption, and lower cost models having similar or better performance. Recent developments in piezoresistive cantilevers and Micro-magnetometers have produces devices that in some stages require intricate processing. Sensitivities, defined as the minimum detectable field change are in the range of 1 milli Tesla to 1 micro Tesla.

The Johns Hopkins Applied Physics laboratory having acquired all intellectual property rights to the MIDIM technology from Dinsmore Instruments is in the process of a patent application for improved magnetometers with sub-nano Tesla sensitivity.

This magnetometer is will be extremely small and low cost compared to any other technology currently being produced. The final version will be of a hybrid design. It has planned applications for space probes, ground based magnetometers, compasses, and medical imaging. This program is in the final phases of initial testing with preliminary results showing that the planned sensitivities are more than achievable.

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