Non-invasive Health Monitor

Reference#: P01895

The APL Non-Invasive Health Monitor, in its various forms, will provide a method of evaluating cardiovascular and respiratory status, and autonomic balance and therefore provide insight into physiological or psychological stressors that may be negatively impacting the health of the individual. The sensor may be used for passive, long term monitoring to acquire data for trend analysis, or may be used in a manner similar to that of the stethoscope for the generation of information that is complimentary or redundant with other medical diagnostic tools. Current medical diagnostic tools acquire these measurements through ECG measurements which require electrodes adhered to the skin surface.

The current APL device allows the acquisition of both heart and respiration rate data, and the utilization of that data for evaluation/assessment of the status of the cardiovascular system, respiratory status, and the state/balance of the autonomic nervous system. The APL Non-invasive health monitor uses a non-contact, through clothing, method to obtain data which can be analyzed for synergistic diagnosis. The APL device is ideal for time critical emergency medical applications or applications that require extended periods of monitoring for the evaluation of trends or transient events.

The Non-Invasive Health Monitor can have the following applications: Monitoring ambulatory patients 24/7
Home health monitoring
Soldier health status monitoring
Monitoring of health/awake status of equipment operators
Monitoring and evaluation of psychological health and stress.

Patent Status: U.S. patent(s) 7780596; 7927277 issued.

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