Mission-Centric Network Defense System

Reference#: P01881

In both the commercial and military domains, systems are becoming increasingly networked. The power of networking is apparent through the potential for increased quantity and quality of information available for decision-makers and more efficient use of resources. At the same time, the increased complexity of networked approaches leads to several pressing needs. Some of these needs include robust systems, both to internal faults and to attacks from the outside the network, as well as analysis to understand the impact of the system's degradation to its overall mission effectiveness.

The Mission Centric Network Defense System (MCNDS) is related to a deployable network defense system that monitors network activities, generates and maintains situation awareness of operational activities and uses this joint situational awareness of networked and operational activities to predict the mission impact of alterations and disruptions of networked resources. The MCNDS uses predictive capabilities to rank defensive information operation courses-of-action as well as interpret network alarms an intrusion detections in terms of expected operational mission impact. Information operation and operational commanders may use MCNDS to monitor and understand how their networks are supporting various missions and how actions taken on their networks impact their missions.

Patent Status: U.S. patent(s) 7548897 issued.

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