Bit Depth Reduction for Analog to Digital Conversion in Global Positioning System Receivers Operating in High Jamming Environments

Reference#: P01821

Disclosed is a system and method for reducing a bit-depth requirement for an A/D converter in a GPS receiver having an antenna for receiving an analog input signal and a low noise amplifier for amplifying the input signal, comprising a filter for filtering about a bandwidth B the amplified signal; a down-conversion module centering the frequency of the filtered signal about a center frequency f0; an automatic gain controller (AGC) for setting a set point of the input signal; an adder for adding noise to the gain controlled signal, said noise based upon the bandwidth B and center frequency f0; and an analog to digital (A/D) converter for converting the added noise signal to a digital signal, wherein the noise added to the gain controlled signal reduces the bit depth requirement of the A/D converter.

Patent Status: U.S. patent(s) 7315277 issued.

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