Pilot Identification System

Reference#: P01765

There are no existing devices or technologies that alert authorities when an unauthorized person has taken control of an aircraft.

This pilot identification technology employs a combination of radio-frequency identity tag (RFID) technology and a small programmable system integrated into the radio and aircraft systems. The system consists of a pair of unique ID tags located on the pilot and copilot. When the air craft is being properly operated, the tags will be in close proximity to a transmitter or receiver that has a narrow path and limited range. Signals between the two sensors verify the identity and authority of the pilot in operation. In the event that an unauthorized pilot is in control, a message would be transmitted to authorities and an immediate response could be implemented. This technology could also be implemented in automobiles, trains, subways and freight vehicles--especially those with hazardous or high-value cargo.

Patent Status: U.S. patent(s) 7,081,836 issued.

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