Evolved OPTSAT (with Connectivity Through Weather and Inertia-less Beam Scanning)

Reference#: P01702

A need to provide a voice and data communication system that has nearly unlimited bandwidth capabilities and can provide voice and data communication to nearly unlimited mobile users whether the user is on land, sea or in air.

JHU/APL has developed a seamless satellite based global communication systems that reduces the number of satellites required while increasing the number of users, while providing a satellite that reduces the complexity of existing systems and operates in adverse atmospheric conditions.

The present invention is a communications system for wireless transceiving of information, comprising at least one multiple beam scanning array transceiver contained in a satellite for transceiving the information; and at least two terminals at diverse locations capable of wirelessly transceiving said information between the terminals and the satellite.

In a preferred embodiment of the present invention, a first terminal transmits a data and/or voice information signal to the multiple beam scanning array transceiver located in at least one satellite. The multiple beam scanning array receives the signal at either the micro-mirror bank or the optical switch bank. The multiple beam scanning array is capable of handling pluralities of transmit and receive signals at any point in time, and capable of capacities of up to at least tera bits per second transfer rates.

Patent Status: U.S. patent(s) 7561802; 7379673 issued.

Patent 7561802 and Patent 7379673

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