Blast Position Detector

Reference#: P01594

The present invention provides for a method and apparatus for detecting the position, intensity, and initiation time of an energy pulse in 3-D space. The method and apparatus may detect signals at very high speeds and may employ commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) components that are inexpensive and durable. Futhermore, different embodiments of the present invention are adaptable to numerous and diverse applications, including the detection of various types of energy such as light and sound.

A plurality of energy couplers (12) receives signals from an energy pulse, each of the energy couplers (12) having a defined field of view, the field of views of at least some of the energy couplers being overlapping. A transducer (14) converts the signals received from the energy pulse to voltage or current output signals that are then amplified. A threshold circuit (18) triggers when the amplitude of a signal caused by the energy pulse exceeds a predetermined level, and signal processing instrumentation (24) then calculates the source location and/or the intensity and/or the initiation time of the energy pulse based on the timing of the output signals associated with individual energy couplers (12).

Patent Status: U.S. patent(s) 6841766 issued.

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