Automated Machinery Monitoring System for Conditional Maintenance

Reference#: P01562

There is a clear need for systems that can monitor the high-valued complex machinery for failure of individual components while the machinery is operating for its intended purpose.

The present invention relates to monitoring machinery; and, in particular, to automated distributed detection of faults that constitute conditions for performing corrective maintenance before failure of the machinery. This invention is an adaptation of US Navy signal automation and tracking algorithms for use in automatically detecting and identifying worn components. An inexpensive package of permanently installed sensors and signal processing computer/recorder with remote read capability would give preliminary indication of machinery component wear (e.g., in an engine). An analysis workstation could serve multiple units and could be used for detailed analysis when an indication of wear is detected. The system would simplify preventive maintenance inspections and save on unit downtime and maintenance costs by reducing labor and intrusive inspections.

Patent Status: U.S. patent(s) 6687654 issued.


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