Architecture for Distributed Information Access (ADINA)

Reference#: P01501

What is this product? ADINA (Architecture for Distributed INformation Access) is a research system that enables simplified dynamic access to unrelated data sources through the Internet. The user or the accessing application needs no knowledge of the underlying data source locations, schemas, inter-relationships, and query languages. What can it do? ADINA provides a powerful environment for virtual data warehousing, data mining, and knowledge discovery. ADINA can be used for numerous and assorted enterprise computing applications, such as E-commerce, finance and accounting, business, science, and manufacturing. What are the benefits? Traditional access vs. ADINA access Traditionally, application programmers require vast knowledge and skills and must consider many issues when formulating queries to multiple data sources. They must: Discover which data sources provide the needed information. Understand the underlying schemes and ontologies. Be familiar with multiple access or query languages. Understand the terminologies unique to each data source. Understand how the distributed sources are interrelated. In addition, interface screens are tied to very specific queries, relying upon structures of the underlying sources. ADINA minimizes the application programmer's burdens by insulating the programmers from this specialized knowledge and understanding of the data environment. Programmers consider only simplified requests and HCI requirements in terminology familiar to them. ADINA handles the specialized data access to multiple sources and aggregates the results. How ADINA works A user or application formulates a high level request for data and forwards it to ADINA. ADINA, in turn, automatically formulates and submits complex distributed queries to the pertinent data sources. The results from these data sources are aggregated by ADINA and returned to the user or application.

Patent Status: U.S. patent(s) 6957214 issued.

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