Use of Metallic Tape with Memory for Sonobuoy Hydrophone Deployment

Reference#: P01398

An expandable platform for deploying sensors in a medium includes a housing and a structural member disposed inside the housing. A releasable restraint is connected to the structural member. Multiple arms are connected to the structural member. Each arm includes a material memory component that has a natural state, corresponding to a minimum energy state, in an extended configuration. The material memory component is energized by compacting the material memory component so that the arm fits within the housing. The material memory component is restrained in an energized state by the restraint, and naturally transforms toward the extended configurations under its own force when the restraint is released. A flexible cable external to the arms is connected to two or more arms, each at a tip portion of the arm. The tip portion is farthest from the structural member when the material memory component is in the extended configuration. Multiple sensors are connected to the cable.

Patent Status: U.S. patent(s) 6597631 issued.

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