Remote Input/Output (RIO) Smart Sensor Analog-Digital Chip

Reference#: P01395

The invention represents an analog-digital, radiation-hardened, low-power Smart Sensor Data Acquisition and Control chip, specifically designed and developed for Spacecraft/Instrument Housekeeping and Controls. Sensor data (Temperatures, Voltages, Currents, Pressure, Digitals) are continuously measured, digitized, stored, and transmitted, and Control Actions (DACS, Timers, Digitals) are activated, through a standard bi-directional, digital serial bus (I2C). The chip also offers a Custom or Standard (like PCI) parallel bus interface for parallel readout internally communicating to the serial bus. The chip essentially eliminates spacecraft harness, and greatly simplifies system design.

Patent Status: U.S. patent(s) 6744376 issued.


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