Enhanced Virtual Executor (EVE) for Linking Intra-Institutional PC's in Parallel Processing

Reference#: P01383

The Enhanced Virtual Executor (EVE) is a software program that provides the capability to run command-line-driven personal computer (PC) programs remotely and simultaneously on multiple computers, via a TCP/IP network. By distributing computational processes over many computers in this way, the time required to perform large analyses can be significantly decreased. EVE can efficiently leverage an institution's investment in PCs by running computationally-intensive jobs during evenings and weekends when many PCs are available.

EVE is made up of two components, a Client and a Server. EVE Servers are run on multiple computers that passively listen for a connection from an EVE Client. An EVE Client then connects to all of the available EVE Servers to control the scheduling for the distributed computing tasks. The entire process is controlled by the EVE Client and requires no user interaction from the EVE Servers.

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