High-temperature Superconducting Thin Film Nonbolometric Microwave Detection System and Method

Reference#: P01227

Response time and sensitivity in bolometric detectors exists that limits their performance relative to ideal quantum detectors

A high-speed, highly sensitive microwave detection system and method, which uses the nonbolometric detection mechanism in a high-temperature superconducting thin film detector. A broadband spiral antenna receives a microwave signal. The signal is modulated and optionally amplified before being transmitted to the superconducting detector through an impedance matching circuit. The superconducting detector generates an output voltage that is preamplified and then measured using a lock-in amplifier. A computer then records the measured output voltage.

Patent Status: U.S. patent(s) 5,610,510 issued.

*US ISSUED 08/662,907 Patent # 5,610,510

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