Apparatus for Categorizing and Accumulating Events

Reference#: P00283

The invention provides an apparatus for categorizing and accumulating a plurality of different event types wherein the characteristics of each event are detected by a detector and presented to the apparatus as an electrical signal of variable analog or digital value which may indicate the type, speed, energy level or the like of an event. The apparatus includes a table look-up storage device having a plurality of individually addressable memory locations, which receives the electrical or digital value, and in response thereto outputs a bin address or clock select number, which identifies a particular bin. Clock distribution logic circuitry receives the bin address from the look-up table storage device and, in accordance with the bin address, selects a particular bin and increments the event count being accumulated therein. Counter select logic circuitry is also provided for use by a host computer or the like to select a particular bin and output the event count being accumulated in the selected bin. The event count is output in a stabilized form by an output multiplexer circuit for analysis, record keeping, monitoring, or the like.

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