Vehicle Technology

Reference# Technology
P00247 Translating and Rotating Cowl Inlet with Retractable Propellant Injection Struts
P00248 Propellant Utilization System
P01109 Thin Film Vanadium Oxide Spatial Light Modulators and Methods
P01113 Method for Model-Free Control of General Discrete-Time Systems
P01254 System for Measuring Average Speed and Traffic Volume on a Roadway
P01261 Method and Apparatus for Precise Noncoherent Doppler Tracking of a Spacecraft
P01274 Integrated Power Source
P01398 Use of Metallic Tape with Memory for Sonobuoy Hydrophone Deployment
P01443 Autonomous Satellite Navigation System
P01453 Compressed Gas Manifold
P01471 Microwave and Acoustic Detection of Drowsiness
P01495 Low Cost, Compressed Gas Fuel Storage System
P01503 Flexible Architecture Receiver for GPS
P01511 GPS Roadside Integrated Precision Positioning System (GRIPPS) for Detecting Drowsy Drivers
P01515 Autonomous Solar Navigation System
P01537 Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) Mapping System
P01579 Steerable three-dimensional magnetic field sensor system for detection and classification of metal targets
P01637 An Application of Rapid Prototype Manufacturing Technology to the Design and Fabrication of Wind Tunnel Models
P01661 A Tracking Receiver for Global Positioning System Signals Implemented in Software. (GPS Software Receiver)
P01681 Hardware and Software Implementation of Non-Coherent Navigation for Low Frame Rate Telemetry Applications
P01729 Portable Robot Mine Detection and Classification System
P01735 GPS Jamming Circumvention Scheme
P01736 Crosslink Transceiver for Integrated Navigation and Communication Among Multiple, Distributed Spacecraft
P01769 Method and System for Storing Compressed Hydrogen and/or CNG Fuels on Automotive Vehicles (Suspension Systems)
P01771 Method for Establishing Heliocentric Spacecraft Formations Using Gravity Assist from a Natural Satellite
P01814 A Method for Using GPS and Crosslink Signals to Correct Ionospheric Errors in Space Navigation Solutions
P01820 Weak Signal and Anti-jam GPS Receiver Using Full Correlation Grid
P01821 Bit Depth Reduction for Analog to Digital Conversion in Global Positioning System Receivers Operating in High Jamming Environments
P01836 Commercial Vehicle Electronic Screening Hardware/Software System
P01885 Moving Belt Metal Detector
P01910 Sample Retrieval Device for Environmental Aerosol Collection Used in Conjunction with a Field-Portable Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer
P01925 A Method for Half-duplex Relative Navigation Among Multiple Distributed Vehicles
P01943 Full Signal Translator (FST)
P01944 Driver Monitor System
P01988 Mono-Track Vehicle
P01992 Planar Pulsed Plasma Thruster
P02034 Dielectric Motor Configurations and a Variable Speed Transmission Element Using Electroactive Polymers (EAPs)
P02055 Easily Replicatable Liquid Micro Pulsed Plasma Thruster
P02093 Long Coherent Integration of Deep-fade GPS Signals During the Handover Word (HOW) Portion of the GPS Message
P02118 Variable Ratio Transmission Elements for Motor Drive Shafts
P02125 Various Improvements to the Design of `Liquid Micro Pulsed Plasma Thrusters`
P02188 Anomalous Vehicle Detection System and Method
P02219 Solid state supersonic flow actuator and method of use
P02267 Data acquisition software for Driver Monitoring System
P02268 Diagnostic software used to remotely connect to a Driver Monitoring System to perform calibration routines or check on the health/status of the system through wired or wireless communication with a laptop or PDA
P02269 Data analysis software for data collected by Driver Monitoring System
P02712 Methods and Systems to Diminish False-alarm Rates in Multi-hypothesis Signal Detection through Combinatoric Navigation
P03414 Advanced Armor Laminate Structures
P03472 Improving Impact Resistance in Polymers via Controlled Free Volume
P03636 High Aspect Ratio Nanofillers for Improving the Balance between Rolling Resistance and Wet Traction in Tires or Like Materials